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Aéroport de Charlevoix Management

The MRC de Charlevoix-Est manages and operates the Aéroport de Charlevoix since its construction in 1962 (when there was a Conseil de comté). This regional-size airport is located in Saint-Irénée, approximately 10 kilometres from La Malbaie. The airport is operated from May to November, depending on the snow cover.

The Airport has a total land area of 103 hectares. It has been the property of the MRC de Charlevoix-Est since 1997 following its transfer by Transport Canada under the National Airports Policy. Major improvements were made in 2003-2004 at a cost of $7 millions. The runway and the aircraft parking and taxiing areas have been completely rebuilt and a new terminal was constructed. The terminal, with its noteworthy architecture, has an area of 160 square metres and is comprised of a waiting lounge, an administrative desk, public washrooms, an operations office, a conference room and a boarding lounge.

The Airport, which is classified as a sub-category III, local-business airport by Transport Canada, features a single runway (15/33). The runway is paved and measures 4,500 feet long by 150 feet wide, and is equipped with a new lighting system and sophisticated visual approach equipment and navigational aids that enable pilots to make the most secure landings for this type of airport. Three fuel tanks (100LL and JET A-1) with two fixed pumping stations allow for professional refuelling of aircrafts.

During the 7 months of operation, nearly 4,000 people go through the Aéroport de Charlevoix, generating air traffic of approximately 2,000 aircraft movements and making a significant contribution to the regional economy.

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