172, boulevard Notre-Dame
Clermont (Québec) G4A 1G1
Téléphone : 418 439-3947
Télécopieur : 418 439-2502
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday, 8 am – 12 am
and 1pm – 4 pm.

All documents and bylaws available on this site are for informational purposes only. The official and full version is always available at the MRC office during normal business hours. The rates and interest are mentioned for illustrative purpose only.

Current Information


Physical address
400, rang Sainte-Madeleine, Saint-Irénée (Québec) G0T 1V0
NB: 10 minutes from La Malbaie and the Casino de Charlevoix
Operations telephone: 418 489-2010
Operations fax: 418 452-3247

Administrative address
172, boulevard Notre-Dame, Clermont (Québec) G4A 1G1
Tel.: 418 439-3947
Fax: 418 439-2502

Operations Manager
Mr André Tremblay


Weather report
418 489-2016 or http://meteo.cyml.ca

Note for pilots and air carriers
Always refer to the latest edition of Canada Flight Supplement or contact the Flight Information Centre (FIC) (1 866 541-4105) to validate NOTAM and any changes to the information relating to the planning of flights described on this Website.


Orientation : (15/33)

Length: 4,500 feet and 150 feet wide asphalt. The paving was redone in 2003. Graded surfaces on each side and at both ends, turn-around at threshold 33, quick exit lane leading to an 8,050 square metre apron.Pavement Load Rating (PLR) according** to ICAO PCN: 43 / F / D / X / T.

Elevation: 977 feet

Location: N 47 35 51 W 70 13 26


• Non-directional and omnidirectional beacons (NDB and VOR);
• Global navigation satellite system RNAV (GNSS);
• Aircraft Radio Control of Aerodrome Lighting (ARCAL, Type J);
• Omni Directional Approach Lighting System (ODALS);
• Precision approach path indicator (PAPI);
• Automated weather observation system (AWOS);
N.B. See communications.

Business hours (Local time)

Mid-may to the first week of june

Monday to friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Second week of june to the mid-october

Seven (7) days a week: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm



Note : Refuelling and airport services are available at a charge, on call after hours or preferably with a reservation.

Note: During the Winter months, all operations at the Aéroport de Charlevoix will cease as soon as the seasonal snow cover is permanent. Only the refuelling service for helicopters will be available during that period.


100LL, premixed with additives, dispensed with a fixed pump system connected to an underground 18,500-Litre tank.

JET A-1, premixed with AIA additives, dispensed with a fixed pump system connected to an underground 32,500-Litre tank and an above ground 50,000-litre tank. NB: Single Point refuelling available.

15W50 oil for reciprocating engine


FIC Quebec tel
1 866 GOMÉTÉO or 1 866 WXBRIEF

AWOS (pvt)
418 489-2016 or http://meteo.cyml.ca


UNICOM (limited hours) over the frequency of 123.0 MHz
AWOS (pvt) over the frequency of 122.55 MHz


Airport of entry/CANPASS
(Designated for CANPASS permit holders only)
Charlevoix (CYML) Tél.: 1 888 226-7277

Airports of entry
Québec / Jean Lesage (CYQB)
Montréal / Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau (CYUL)
Tel.: 1 888 226-7277


418 665-6024 or 418 665-2424

Vehicle Rentals
Discount : 418 310-2277
Clermont Dodge-Chrysler : 418 439-4626
Location M. Martel : 418 665-8141
Location La Malbaie : 418 665-3333

Food service (catering service)
Auberge des 3 Canards : 418 665-3761


www.navcanada.ca (navigation)
www.qc.ec.gc.ca (Météo Environnement Canada)
www.asfc.gc.ca (douanes)
www.tourisme-charlevoix.com (hôtels, restaurants, activités, etc.)
www.discountquebec.com (locations d’automobiles)
www.casino-de-charlevoix.com (casino et hôtel)
www.mapquest.fr (cartes et itinéraires)

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