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MRC de Charlevoix-Est
172, boul. Notre-Dame
Clermont (Québec) G4A 1G1
Téléphone : (418) 439-3947
Télécopieur : (418) 439-2502
CLD de Charlevoix-Est
6, rue Desbiens, bureau 100
Clermont (Québec) G4A 1B9
Téléphone : (418) 439-4614
Télécopieur : (418) 439-4845
Aéroport de Charlevoix Management
Charges and Services
Landing charge (domestic flight, 2000 kg and more*)$10 x aircraft weight in kg
General terminal charge**5-9 persons = $20
10-14 persons = $25
15-25 persons = $40
25 or more persons = $50

Small aircrafts parking charge$10 per day
$30 per week
$75 per month
$400 per year

Turboprop engines and jets parking charge$25 per day
$75 per week
$150 per month
$600 per year

After normal hours scheduled service charge (call = 3hours)$100
dAfter normal hours unscheduled service charge (call = 3hours)$140
Overtime after normal service hours charge$50 per hour
Baggage handling charge ****$3 per person
Ground transportation$50 per plane, per full stop (JET)
$25 per plane,per full stop (TURBOPRO)
(Vehicular traffic on the tarmac)$600 per year, per aircraft
Electricity (outlet)$10 per day
Ice$5 per bag
Car parking space*****$0 per bag

* = (Weight) Authorized maximum take-off weight of an aircraft as per Transport Canada TP 143 or, if not mentioned, as per the airworthiness document.

** = For the largest number of passengers in the aircraft upon landing or take-off, including the pilots and all other flight personnel.

*** = For the appropriate after normal hours operating charge to apply, the airport staff must be notified at least 36 hours prior to the landing of the aircraft at the Charlevoix airport.

**** = For regular carriers and charter flights, after agreement with the operations manager.

***** = Per day refers to a consecutive 24-hour period.

NB: Helicopters are exempt of the following charges: landing, general terminal parking.